Robin Hood Valentine

Robin Hood Valentine

Introducing ‘Robin Hood Valentine,’ a delightful and romantic twist on the classic ‘Robin Hood and his Merry Wins’ slot game. Immerse yourself in a 3D slot experience that combines charm, style, and a dash of love and adventure.

In this Valentine’s Day edition, Robin Hood takes centre stage as the courageous hero, not just championing the less fortunate, but also on a heart-warming quest to reunite with his true love, Maid Marian. Joined by his loyal Merry Men outlaws, Robin is determined to outsmart the Sheriff of Nottingham and the loathsome King John, all in the name of love and the pursuit of BIG WINS!

The game offers an array of features tailored for a romantic escapade, including Expanding Wilds, Random Multipliers, and a specially crafted multi-levelled Picker Bonus that romantically reunites Robin Hood with Maid Marian, culminating in a massive prize. And let’s not forget the Free Spins bonus, providing players with an extra dose of love and excitement.

Crafted to the highest specifications and optimized for cross-platform compatibility, ‘Robin Hood Valentine’ promises players hours of medieval merriment infused with the spirit of love. Embark on this enchanting adventure and let the romantic rendezvous of Robin and Maid Marian lead you to constant wins and heartfelt entertainment!


Currently available in: Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Japanese, Latvian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai & Vietnamese

Format : HTML5


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